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Christine Digital Copy Download Code UV Ultra Violet VUDU HD HDX

Christine Digital Copy Download Code UV Ultra Violet VUDU HD HDX


A 1958 Plymouth Fury is built on the assembly line. While a worker inspects the engine, the car injures him. During closing time, another worker is killed in the Fury when he flicks cigar ash on its upholstery. Twenty years later, Arnold Cunningham, a nerdy teen, buys the same used Fury Coupe over the objections of his friend, Dennis Guilder, who says it needs a full restoration. Arnie gets into a fight at school with Buddy Repperton, who is expelled after drawing a switchblade. Arnie begins restoring Christine in defiance of his parents at Darnell's Garage. As he spends more of his time repairing her, he changes by shedding his glasses, dressing better, and developing a cocky arrogance.

When Dennis asks out new girl Leigh Cabot, he finds she has a date. As his best friend changes, Dennis returns to Christine's seller to ask about the car. He discovers the Fury's previous owner was obsessed with Christine despite how his wife and daughter died in the car; and that he had kept Christine until he killed himself in her. Leigh and Arnie attend one of Dennis' football games. Dennis not only sees them together, but that Christine is completely restored. Distracted, he is gravely injured. Arnie visits him in the hospital and learns he was almost paralyzed and can never play football again.

Leigh and Arnie's relationship goes well until they attend a drive-in movie. Leigh explains she is too uncomfortable with the car to have sex in it. When Arnie coaxes her back, the car's radio comes on by itself and a blinding light emits from the dash. As Leigh chokes on her food, Arnie discovers the doors have locked by themselves. Leigh unlocks the doors, and another patron saves her. She and Arnie later argue about Christine and their relationship.

Repperton and his friends vandalize Christine. When Leigh consoles Arnie, he lashes out at her and breaks up with her. Arnie returns to the garage later and promises Christine he will rebuild her. As he walks away, he hears creaking metal and sees the engine is fully restored. At his command, Christine restores herself to showroom quality. That evening, Christine runs over Moochie Welch. Detective Rudy Junkins questions Arnie, who says Moochie got what he deserved. Junkins lets him go when Arnie's alibi checks out. Christine next targets Repperton and his friend Richie Trelawney. After chasing them to a gas station where Repperton's friend Don Vandenberg works, Christine smashes their Camaro, killing Richie. Repperton escapes a gas tank explosion that kills Don, but Christine, still on fire, runs him down. The smoldering car returns to Darnell's garage. When Darnell investigates, the car crushes him in a seat. The police find Darnell's body in Christine, which is again in like-new condition. Junkins questions Arnie again, who becomes angry and provides an alibi.

Leigh requests help from Dennis to destroy Christine and save Arnie. Dennis scratches "Darnell's Tonight" into Christine's hood, then leaves for the garage to hot-wire Darnell's bulldozer. They plan to lure Christine into the garage and destroy it, but Christine surprises them by emerging from a pile of scrap metal. Leigh flees while Dennis runs interference. After side-swiping another car, Arnie is revealed to be driving Christine. While trying to kill Leigh, Christine crashes into Darnell's office, and Arnie flies through Christine's windshield. As he grabs her, Leigh sees he is mortally wounded. Before he dies, Arnie reaches out to touch Christine once more. Leigh exits the wreckage of the office to tell Dennis Arnie is dead. However, Christine continues attacking, regenerating faster than before. Dennis pulls Leigh into the bulldozer's cab, and they repeatedly smash Christine with it, disabling Christine for good. They return to the junkyard the next day and see the remains of Fury crushed into a cube. Detective Junkins joins them and attempts to console them, congratulating them for stopping Christine even though they were unable to save Arnie. They are momentarily spooked when they hear a 1950s rock and roll song as Christine favored them, but it turns out to be a workman's boom box; however, Christine's grill slowly begins to unbend.

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