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Thomas & Friends: Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure Digital Copy Download Code UV Ultra Violet VUDU HD HDX

Thomas & Friends: Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure Digital Copy Download Code UV Ultra Violet VUDU HD HDX


Thomas the Tank Engine is racing on his branch line with Bertie the bus. When Bertie gets stuck behind Oliver the Excavator on the road, he complains about all of the machines working on the new branch line, which concerns Thomas' coaches Annie and Clarabel.

Marion the steam shovel meets Oliver the Great Western engine and his brakevan Toad at Arlesdale junction where she sees Mike, Bert, and Rex, the miniature engines for the first time when she starts to think there magical, they are delivering ballast in preparation for the new branch line.

The next morning, Thomas causes an accident at Knapford Junction. The Fat Controller sends Thomas to the construction yard to work on the new branch line, while the new engine, Ryan, is given Thomas' job of pulling Annie and Clarabel.

At the building site, part of the land subsides underneath the new track. When Thomas arrives, he does not pay attention to the danger signs and falls into a cavern housing a pirate ship. After being lifted out, the pirate ship is removed and put onto display at Arlesburgh Harbour.

After being repaired, Thomas meets Sailor John and his boat Skiff, which has been fitted with wheels that allow him to move on the rails. Sailor John explains that he is looking for treasure, but is hesitant to give Thomas any details.

As Marion is digging into the side of a cliff in preparation for the rerouted track, she finds a treasure chest full of gold and jewelry. The Fat Controller decides to donate it to a museum. Thomas meets up with Sailor John on his way back to Knapford, who reveals that the treasure Marion had found is the same one he had been looking for, and angrily demands for it to be given to him. Thomas says that The Fat Controller has the treasure, and refuses to help Sailor John take it.

That night, Sailor John brakes into the Fat Controller's office and steals the treasure chest, using Skiff as his reluctant getaway. Thomas chases them down the line and sees that Sailor John has rigged Skiff to the pirate ship on wheels, speeding down a hill. The chase goes through Arlesdale Junction where the miniature engines slow down the ship by knocking their ballast trucks over the rails. A lose rope attached to the ship gets stuck on Ryan, derailing it and leaving Sailor John with only Skiff to take him away.

At Arlesburgh Harbour, Thomas tries to knock Skiff off of the rails, but to no avail. They all end up at the rail-boat launch ramp where Sailor John rows Skiff out towards the sea, and Thomas falls into the water. With the help of a large wave, Skiff knocks Sailor John and the treasure off of him. The treasure sinks to the bottom of the harbour, and Sailor John is arrested by the police.

When the branch line is finished, The Fat Controller gives Thomas his old job back, and lets him cut the ribbon to the new line.


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