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TinkerBell and the Legend of the NeverBeast Digital Copy Download Code Disney Movies Anywhere VUDU iTunes HD HDX

TinkerBell and the Legend of the NeverBeast Digital Copy Download Code Disney Movies Anywhere VUDU iTunes HD HDX


Fawn rescues a baby hawk with a broken wing. She tries to hide it from the others as she tries to take it out of the forest as hawks eat fairies. The hawks arrive to attack and to reclaim the baby, but the scout-fairies are able to fend them off. Fawn is reprimanded by Queen Clarion for only following her heart and not her head. After helping the baby hawk return to its rightful place, Fawn hears an unfamiliar roar and decides to fly to the depths of the forest to investigate. She finds a strange creature that has never been seen before. After observing its behavior she surmises that it has traits similar to many different animals she's encountered, save for one peculiar activity. The beast is building mysterious towers of rock in each of the four sides of Pixie Hollow. She names him Gruff.

Meanwhile, in Pixie Hollow, an ambitious scout fairy named Nyx also heard the roar, and decides to investigate. She too happened upon the beast and does research in the fairy lore library to find out what she's up against. Using some pieces of information gathered from several torn pages of an undisclosed animal-book, she discovers that Gruff is a creature that awakens about once every thousand years, where it would transform into an even more ferocious beast that could destroy Pixie Hollow with a mysterious series of events that leads to a deadly storm.

Queen Clarion urges both Fawn and Nyx to work together and "do the right thing" regarding the protection of Pixie Hollow. Each fairy takes this edict to mean different things; Fawn sets out to help Gruff complete whatever mysterious task he intends to carry out, while Nyx is determined to capture him and prevent the impending storm. Gruff indeed transforms into the monster depicted in the fairy lore, but his intentions are a surprise to all as Gruff is in fact trying to save Pixie Hollow by collecting all of the lightning through the towers he built thus preventing them from hitting the trees and causing a fire.[6] He had saved Tink from a falling tree, and protects Nyx from a lightning blast. Fawn has Gruff fly high into the sky where he absorbs the lightning storm. This causes the storm to end, but burn Gruff's wings and kills Fawn. The Neverbeast revives her with a small shock of the lightning he absorbed. Following the event, Gruff feels the urge to go back into hibernation and the fairies sadly send him off to a cave where he will sleep for another thousand years.

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