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Two Mules for Sister Sara Digital Copy Download Code iTunes HD

Two Mules for Sister Sara Digital Copy Download Code iTunes HD


A drifter named Hogan spots and saves a naked woman from being gang-raped by several bandits whom he shoots and kills. He later learns that the woman, Sara, is a nun working with a group of Mexican revolutionaries who are fighting the French. When Sara requests that Hogan take her to a Mexican camp, he agrees because he had previously arranged to help the Mexican revolutionaries attack the French garrison in exchange for a portion of the garrison's strongbox if they are successful.

As the duo heads toward the camp, Hogan is surprised that the nun smokes his cigars and drinks his whiskey. When he attempts to detonate a charge to destroy a French ammunition train, he is shot with an arrow in the shoulder. Sara is able to bandage him, but he is still unable to shoot the charge to disable the train. Sara assists him in angling his rifle, and the two are able to destroy the train together. Eventually the two reach Juarista commander Col. Beltran's camp and Sara reveals the layout of the French garrison. She then reveals to Hogan that she is not a nun but a prostitute posing as a nun, and the two team up, infiltrate the fortress and open the gates for the Mexican revolutionary forces to swarm through.

A battle ensues. Hogan singlehandedly guns down several French soldiers. The French retreat and the Mexicans capture the fort. As promised, Hogan receives a large portion of the riches in the fort. Now wealthy and his job completed, Hogan sets off with Sara for further adventures.


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