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Unfriended Digital Copy Download Code UV Ultra Violet VUDU HD HDX

Unfriended Digital Copy Download Code UV Ultra Violet VUDU HD HDX


In Fresno, California, high school student Laura Barns (Heather Sossaman) is relentlessly bullied and harassed after a video of her drunk at a party is uploaded to YouTube without her consent, causing her to take her own life.

A year later, her closest friend, Blaire Lily (Shelley Hennig), views a video of Laura's suicide on Liveleak. It shows her standing in the middle of what appears to be her school's basketball court pointing a gun to her head and, despite the pleas of nearby students, she pulls the trigger. Blaire is then contacted over Skype by her boyfriend Mitch Roussel (Moses Jacob Storm). As they discuss losing their virginities, they are suddenly joined by their classmates Jess Felton (Renee Olstead), Ken Smith (Jacob Wysocki), and Adam Sewell (Will Peltz). During their conversation they notice a random user dubbed "billie227" in their chat, who was not invited by any of the participants.

After several unsuccessful attempts to get rid of the stranger, the fivesome suspect that a sixth classmate named Val Rommel (Courtney Halverson) is messing around with them. After they invite Val to their chat, Jess's Facebook page is suddenly updated with photos of Val drinking and smoking marijuana at a party. Val berates Jess and demands that she delete them, but Jess (despite laughing at the situation) proclaims her innocence. Jess finally manages to delete the photos, which then reappear on Adam's account. After repeated threats from Billie, Val calls 911 to report online abuse and then signs off.

The fivesome soon discover that "billie227" is linked to Laura's Instagram account. Blaire is sent a link that reveals a screenshot of Laura messaging Val for her to remove the humiliating video and asking for friendship, only for Val to reject her by telling her to kill herself. Multiple Instagram users then libel Val, who is suddenly brought back into the chat, sitting motionless in her laundry room next to an open bottle of bleach. Thinking her camera is simply frozen, Blaire tries calling Val, but sees her phone vibrating on screen. Val then crashes to the floor just as the police arrive. At first, the friends believe she just experienced a seizure, but after researching the codes that the policemen relay to each other, they learn that Val died and the police are ruling it as a suicide, possibly from drinking the bleach.

Eventually, Ken uses anti-virus software to seemingly remove Billie from the chat for good. Their victory is short-lived however as when Adam tries to call the police, he is warned by a mysterious voice (most likely Billie's) against hanging up. Billie resurfaces with a camera view from across Ken's room. Ken walks over to have a look and freezes in horror at what he sees before his webcam cuts off. Shortly after, it reconnects to show him being attacked by an unseen force and then mangling his hand in a blender, before using the blades to slit his own throat, thus killing himself. Billie then displays the video that caused Laura's eventual suicide; titled "Leaky Laura", it shows a heavily drunk and barely conscious Laura laying face-down on the dirt behind a trailer, covered in her own menstrual blood and excrement.

Billie forces Adam, Blaire, Mitch, and Jess to play a game of Never Have I Ever, stating that the loser of the game will die. All four friends are forced to reveal dark secrets which put them at odds with each other: Jess spread a rumour that Blaire had an eating disorder, Blaire got drunk and crashed Jess' mother's car, Mitch kissed Laura soon before her death and reported Adam to the police for selling marijuana, Jess stole $800 from Adam, and Adam offered to trade Jess' life for his own. Adam becomes enraged and uses the game to force Blaire to reveal that she is no longer a virgin and had sex with him behind Mitch's back on two occasions, and Billie uploads a video of them having sex to YouTube to prove it. Mitch retaliates by forcing Adam to reveal that he date-raped a classmate named Ashley Dane using roofies at a party and then forced her to get an abortion after she became pregnant.

Blaire and Adam suddenly receive secret messages from their printers. Worried that they are still lying behind his back, Mitch furiously demands that Blaire reveal her note to him and threatens to leave if she doesn't. Billie assures Blaire that if Mitch leaves, he will die. In a moment of panic and high stress, Blaire shows her message: "If you reveal this note, Adam will die." Under Billie's thrall, Adam suddenly kills himself by shooting himself in the face; as he collapses, his camera reveals his note: "If you reveal this note, Blaire will die."

Billie then asks which of the threesome defaced Laura's grave. When Blaire warns Jess against answering said question, Billie cuts the power to all the lights in her house. Jess hides in her bathroom, while Blaire goes on Chatroulette and gets someone to call the police (who never arrive). Suddenly, the video feed disconnects after Jess is seen screaming and being thrown around the room by an unseen entity. Soon after, Blaire receives a Facebook notification from Jess's account, which is a video of Jess with a curling iron shoved down her throat that eventually kills her, and then a picture of it is uploaded with the caption "looks like she finally stfu".

Billie privately messages Blaire on Facebook, wanting her to confess who uploaded the Leaky Laura video in the first place. Blaire tries to deny any involvement from her and Mitch, but after Billie continues counting down the seconds she has to admit the truth, she finally says that Mitch did it. At that moment, Mitch grabs a knife and stabs himself in the eye, collapsing and disconnecting his video feed, leaving Blaire all alone.

As Blaire breaks down in tears, Billie - finally unveiled as Laura herself - declares her appreciation for Blaire's honesty, but asks her to confess one more thing before counting down again. A desperate Blaire tries to remind Laura of their friendship when she was alive, but Laura responds by uploading another video onto Blaire's account. It is the same Leaky Laura video, only this time the video continues to show the camera turning around and revealing that Blaire was the one recording it, laughing at Laura's misfortune and saying "I got her". With the truth finally revealed, Laura's account is soon bombarded with hateful comments from those who denounce Blaire for causing Laura to kill herself. Before signing off, Laura tells Blaire that she wishes she could forgive her.

Blaire is left alone once again; during a brief period of silence, her bedroom door creaks open before a pair of hands slam her laptop shut (the movie shifts to a first-person perspective) before disappearing into the darkness. Seconds later, Laura's ghost violently lunges at Blaire as the screen cuts to black, presumably killing her, while Blaire unleashes one final scream.


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